Don’t let weeds grow around your dreams

interior design certificate

Back in January 2015 I took the first steps towards studying Interior Design. I have always loved design since my school days. Whether it be fashion, websites or graphics. Since starting this business in 2010 I have been keen to learn more about interior design, the theories behind it as well as the practical side of creating mood boards and technical drawings. The opportunity came up to study from home, online but with the support of a tutor and to gain a diploma at the end of it. I’d be silly not to really! The tricky thing would be the juggling act between running the business, studying and life in general. As the course went on it got more complex but ever more interesting and thoroughly inspiring. I had deadlines to meet to keep me motivated and on track. I set myself certain days where I would concentrate on my coursework which helped put structure into my life.

The months leading up to Christmas were a challenge to say the least. Not only was I running the shop but I was also out and about attending Christmas fairs. I stayed on track, met the deadlines and moved up through the assignments.

In March 2016 I achieved my Diploma in Interior Design Skills. I now have a much better understanding of the discipline which will be invaluable to my business and my customers.

I suppose my message here is, “Don’t let weeds grow around your dreams”, as someone once told me when things were tough. If you want to accomplish something whether it be learning a new skill or embarking on a new adventure, then do it! If you are passionate about something you will find the will and the way to make it work.

If you’re like me, a sponge, always wanting to learn something new, with drive and determination you’ll get there.

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